Who am I? Simply put: I am the wife of a fisherman. My amphibious husband lives, breathes and exists for the ocean. So, during the week I am the admin lady sending out invoices for our family-run fish business and making sure all the paperwork is in order. On the weekends I am the typical fisherman’s wife, left with loads of free time while the husband takes his boat all around Cape Town chasing for big tuna and yellowtail. Needless to say, with both business and pleasure revolving around fish I have been lucky enough to sample Cape Town’s finest seafood and experiment with new recipes in my very own kitchen.

Talking to various people, friends, family and acquaintances, it became clear that the average South African is ‘scared’ of fish. Give them a piece of red meat and they will throw it on the braai or in a pan without a second thought… but give them a whole fish (head and all) – they don’t know where to start! The more people I talk to the more it becomes clear that people want to include more seafood in their diets because of the wonderful health benefits, but they just lack the knowledge on how to prepare and cook fish.

That’s where I come in! I have started this recipe blog based around providing you, the average person, with an endless supply of delicious recipes to try at home. Enjoy!